A Teacher’s Calling


A Teacher’s Calling


Today, as I listened to Bohdan Hrobon speak during devotions on hope, then later about his vision, one theme resonated within me: Teaching is a calling. This school is a calling. The dream Bohdan is seeing fulfilled is truly, unequivocally a calling. Listening to him talk about the dream as I stood in the unfinished lunch room flooded my heart with many thoughts and feelings.

Teaching is a calling. As I think about this phrase and meditate on the meaning of it all, I realize the path I have been set on. Almost exactly a year ago I left a job, not of my own volition. Not more than a few hours after that final meeting I received a call from a Christian college expressing their willingness to accept my application for their Masters of Secondary Education program.

See, my bachelor’s degree has been a stopping point for any further education for myself. Which had been a point of “what is next” for me. Through prayer, a gracious donor, and the grace of God and the willingness of Grand Canyon University to accept my undergrad credits I am well on my way to becoming a licensed teacher. Often times I feel I am not good enough and won’t have the skills to be the teacher that I am meant to be; that God is leading me to be.

This morning, after listening to Bohdan, after realizing his message of hope and seeing his dream and his humility. In a country with such a vast, rich, difficult history. I understand now, I have been called to teach. God has stepped in and opened a door for me. This experience has shown me that I can still have hope because nothing can stop God’s plan. It has never been more apparent than now, that, while skill is necessary, God’s plan is unerring. It may not always be clear, but as I trust more in God’s will it becomes more apparent. As I call on the Lords name, I can draw strength and hope that everything will work out in its proper time and place.

Psalm 138

“When I called, you answered me;

You greatly emboldened me.”