So much bigger!

Have you ever seen the photos or video of the comparison of the Earth to the rest of the universe?  It usually starts with Earth’s moon, then zooms out to the Earth, then Mars, Jupiter’s moons, then Saturn, and Jupiter, and finally the sun.  And then it gets crazy when they show our sun compared to other stars/suns in the universe, and then the galaxy, and Milky Way.  Bigger and bigger and so much bigger!  It gives me pause to think how small I really am in the overall scheme of things.

Have you ever been around someone who talks, and dreams, and has such a passion for their calling that it seems like you are caught up in a flood being swept away by their vision, and it’s not only okay but you want to keep hearing more?  That is what it is like to listen to Bohdan: So much bigger!

When I prepared to leave for Slovakia – all of the personal planning to put life in the USA on ice, all of the planning for while we would be in Slovakia, all of the classroom planning for being with the students and doing presentations – I started to feel like I was a big part of something small.  Good grief!  It only took an hour of hearing Bohdan share his heart for the people of Slovakia before I realized I am a tiny part of something enormous, something that I believe even Bohdan feels like a very small part of – God’s master plans here.

I mean, who has a vision today that looks into the future with such hope, faith, and confidence in God and comes up with stuff like, “really, it is easy, because you know that Christians were praying for 10, 20, even 50 years before the wall fell (in 1989) that we would have freedoms to do this kind of thing today.”  Blows my mind.  SO MUCH BIGGER!

Bohdan’s faith is contagious, and I believe in part it is because of His deep belief that God has already been working, is working, and will continue to work in and through the Bible School in Slovakia to reach this and future generations of Slovaks for Christ.  As Bohdan explains, the Bible School makes little “living Bibles” out of the students and then sends them home to minister to their families throughout the region and country.  One by one they are making a difference which will influence generations to come.

Who knew I would leave the big United States to come to small Slovakia so God could give me a glimpse of just how much bigger He is than I allow Him to be.  He is so much bigger!  His love is so much bigger!  I am in awe.  I pray I will never forget Bohdan’s faith, dreams, and vision for God’s people.  May they always be so much bigger!