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This week we have 21 students in the Intermediate 1 class. About half returned from the previous week. They are a fantastic group ranging from 9-13 years old. Today we created obstacle courses to learn about giving directions, made bracelets, and described mustaches with afterwards trying some on! When 2:30 came today, it was hard to get the students to […]

Intermediate 1 EFL Class Day 8

God is hilariously sneaky!  I thought He was sending me 6,000 miles to build relationships with Slovak people. I was clueless to the relationships He would build with my teammates.  What a blessing it has been getting to know them.  Little did I know that it was a two-for-one deal!

6,000 miles to Build Relationships

The perfect opportunity During the first week of camp, I had the privilege to serve on a small team from New Heights Church as a leader at a camp for incoming high school students in Slovakia. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for teaching, serving, and sharing the love God has for us. I pictured it […]

Being Present

One of the first things a Slovak student asked me was, “Why did you come here? Did you come on vacation?  I responded, “I came here because God sent me to help you.”  He said, “That is very kind of you.”          

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Colossians 3:12 As we finish up day 3 of week 2 my heart is so in awe of the Love of Jesus. In our second week here, the GO team has had the opportunity to spend a few hours each morning in […]

Holy and Dearly Loved

If I died tonight I would die a blessed and happy man. To be invited by a student to see his village; eat with his family hosting you at their home; trying wonderfully delicious new foods and drinks; getting a personal tour of a church built in the 1200s; travel to a working sheep farm, to watch a sun set, […]

A full heart