A full heart

If I died tonight I would die a blessed and happy man.

To be invited by a student to see his village; eat with his family hosting you at their home; trying wonderfully delicious new foods and drinks; getting a personal tour of a church built in the 1200s; travel to a working sheep farm, to watch a sun set, and see your children smile, as they make new friends who instantly adore them.  Well, that makes my heart full.

Just about the time I think I have the love of Jesus all figured out, He goes and shows me how much more there is to how much He cares for me and how He keeps His promises.

Jesus came so that we might “have life, and have it more abundantly.”  John 10:10

I am still amazed at our purpose in leaving America – to travel to Slovakia and serve them, but how often I find them serving me.  His love seems to always return to us multiplied.

Michal noticed the graphic on the string bag supplied by New Heights to the team which says, “Serving Slovakia.”   He did not know the word ‘serving’, or what it meant in this context.  I explained it to him and his father as best I could until he seemed to understand.  And then I told them, “but tonight you are serving us.” A giant smile came across his father’s face.  To love and be loved is a universal feeling which needs little explanation.

My stomach is full, but my heart is fuller!