Jeremiah Dillard

It feels weird getting ready to leave the country for my first time ever! I don’t have much of a plan, but it will all work out. We have a great team, many of whom are experienced with this trip. Thank God for them! As I look forward to tomorrow I doubt I will be sleeping tonight in anticipation. My […]

The threshold has arrived!

#servingslovakia #newheightsWA This morning I had the beautiful pleasure of attending a Lutheran service. It has been many years since I have attended such a service. Many of the moments were memorable, my favorite was when I heard the church bells ringing and Lori was still getting ready. I panicked and went to church any way. It was 8:27am and […]

Go with God Team New Heights!

During the intermediate level 1 class it was fun to watch the kids interact with the lesson. This is how you get the kids motivated to learn! Team Lori has a great group of kids, ready to learn, and ready to be goofy! Great job Team Lori!

Serving Slovakia with song and dance!

This has been a time I shall never forget. Yesterday was a long day. After class we hopped on a bus to visit our friends at the “GO” camp. I can’t imagine how hard their week has been, as they have been going non-stop. The trip there took longer than was announced, to the fault of none. It was not […]

The Purpose.

  A Teacher’s Calling   Today, as I listened to Bohdan Hrobon speak during devotions on hope, then later about his vision, one theme resonated within me: Teaching is a calling. This school is a calling. The dream Bohdan is seeing fulfilled is truly, unequivocally a calling. Listening to him talk about the dream as I stood in the unfinished […]

A Teacher’s Calling