Tyler Chavers

     Yes.  Absolutely! That was the response when I asked a friend for a ride to the airport this coming Friday to launch on our journey to Slovakia.  It should not have surprised me, but I was already rehearsing in my mind all of the reasons why it would not work out.  Sadly, I approach God like this too […]

Yes. Absolutely!

Church in Slovakia is different, but just as wonderful as I am accustomed to in Vancouver!  A baptism of a new baby was scheduled so we got to witness that and hear the pastor share (in Slovak,  but we have an English interpreter). He said Catholics believe life starts at conception and Lutherans believe it starts with the first breath, […]

When life starts

The students were practicing making up questions, proper grammar, sentence structure, verb tense, and presentation today.  At a certain point they would stand up in front of the class and ask another student their question they had been working on.  For many students the choices presented in the questions involved material things – food, money, houses, vacations, clothes, and so […]

…and the greatest of these is Love

Tonight was the midweek trip to see the Global Outreach (GO!) Team at camp. We were told up front it was optional, partly because what should have only been about a one hour bus ride was going to be nearly three hours due to a landslide. Three hours each way plus dinner and time with the GO team around camp. […]

GO! far

I grew up hearing Bible stories about Eli and Samuel.  My mother would read them to me. “Saaamuellll, Saammmuelll, Saaaaaaamuuuellll” she would read.  And I would hear how Samuel thought Eli was calling him, but Eli realized it must be the Lord.  Eli told Samuel the next time he heard his name called to answer, “Yes, Lord, here I am”. […]

Two callings

Americans get a lot of looks when chattering and walking through the square. One afternoon, as a group of us walked through the square, a man came up to us and asked in his thick accent if we were from America. He said he had lived there for about 10 years in New York and Florida. He asked if we […]

Ivan, the once American

Have you ever seen the photos or video of the comparison of the Earth to the rest of the universe?  It usually starts with Earth’s moon, then zooms out to the Earth, then Mars, Jupiter’s moons, then Saturn, and Jupiter, and finally the sun.  And then it gets crazy when they show our sun compared to other stars/suns in the […]

So much bigger!

If I died tonight I would die a blessed and happy man. To be invited by a student to see his village; eat with his family hosting you at their home; trying wonderfully delicious new foods and drinks; getting a personal tour of a church built in the 1200s; travel to a working sheep farm, to watch a sun set, […]

A full heart