Something amazing, I guess

The 2018 Serving Slovakia team will be launching soon!  For Father’s Day my wife surprised me with a stack of cards in envelopes, each dated June 20th thru July 8th, one for each day I will be away on this adventure.  (I was and still am very touched, love you honey!)  I got to open the first one this morning and something she wrote grabbed my attention.  Unsuspecting……

The “you’re” in the card is me but is also our whole team.  She’s been before and knows that the work God does in Slovakia – in the hearts and minds of the Slovak people – is God working through those called and willing to go.  Unsuspecting….very true.  I am not sure what the Slovak people think about a bunch of Americans leaving home to come spend time with them, but I know many anticipate it eagerly.

One of my favorite scenes from the first Incredibles movie is when the neighbor kid rolls up on his trike and is staring at Mr. Incredible – you see, the kid has witnessed Mr. Incredible lift a car over his head, pretty amazing stuff.  Mr. Incredible barks at the kid, “What are you waiting for?”  The kid’s response, “I don’t know, something amazing I guess”.

This is how I like to approach God sometimes.  I like to stare in eager anticipation of the next amazing thing He is going to do!  Prayers have been prayed for many months in anticipation of this trip, and many more prayers will be prayed as we go, minister, and return.  I can only imagine the impact of all those prayers, but I know God hears them and will certainly amaze us with His incredible works in the unsuspecting hearts and lives we are going to touch!

Thank you for praying!