When Gramma cries

Before leaving the States I had the pleasure of attending my nephew’s High School graduation. It was quite good. All of the speakers spoke of the graduate’s bright futures after a few years together preparing them for whatever lay ahead.

Flash forward a few weeks and I’m half way around the world at the graduation for the first graduating senior class of the Center for Christian Education. 20 years in the making. Generations after the dream and vision for such a school was placed in the hearts of some who have gone on to be with the Lord.

During the commencement a team member elbows me and points out a lady sitting a few rows ahead of us, using a tissue to wipe away tears. She’s clearly old enough to be the graduates’ grandmother. Tender and sweet, she had been touched, my team member had been touched, and I was being invited to be touched. I’m pretty sure the gravity of the message was impacting everyone who listened as Pastor Matt spoke as if only to the group of grads.

He challenged the grads not to look forward to the future, but to seek out their parents and grandparents. He challenged them to ask their grandparents about the opportunities for education, riches, and freedom when they were their age. He challenged them to compare what they have now to what their grandparents had then.

What opportunities? To show kindness to others, to show justice to others, to be righteous toward others. The Bible School in Martin has not only equipped their students to be prepared for the tasks of life, but to be living Bibles showing the love of Christ in their relation toward others. This is the impact of an education that counts for eternity as it touches the hearts of men and women.

Coming out of decades of Communist oppression I can see why grammas would be crying at seeing their grandchildren walking in the freedom of the Truth which set them free – to learn other languages, qualify for university, and prepare to become physicians, teachers, pastors, and so much more.

What an incredible harvest is about to be released upon the world, planted generations ago, fertilized by prayers, and watered by tears…..in some cases, gramma’s tears.