Daily Archives: June 24, 2018

As a first-timer, I observe, analyze, and try to emulate the way the returning people behave and work. I sometimes feel like I don’t have an ability to share yet, but I am wrong. Long ago a famous pastor said that the one ability everyone has is availability. So I stepped out yesterday. I saw a couple of high schoolers […]

My lack of ability

Over the past few years I’ve begun to see how the Lord weaves themes into my life. Today’s started at breakfast, only I didn’t know it was a theme yet, that happened much later in the day. Over breakfast Brenda shared a story about traveling to Estonia on a mission many years ago, and how an Estonian shopkeep was turned […]

Follow the $$….nope

This morning we sat under the crowded big top, joining with hundreds of our Slovak and American friends in the concluding service of celebration of the dizzying 20th birth year of the Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia. The bishop delivered his lengthy sermon in what was likely flawless Slovak but, try as I might, I could not flip […]

I Should Have Known