My lack of ability

As a first-timer, I observe, analyze, and try to emulate the way the returning people behave and work. I sometimes feel like I don’t have an ability to share yet, but I am wrong.

Long ago a famous pastor said that the one ability everyone has is availability.

So I stepped out yesterday. I saw a couple of high schoolers throwing big silver balls out on the playground. I invited one of my roommates along to go learn and then join in the game.
They call it petang from the French, in Italian bocci. You can look it up.

But how to play the game was not important, although they taught and we learned. More importantly, we made a connection with two young men who speak English really well and were willing to share themselves with us.

Baby steps in the overall scheme of things, but I’m learning to be attuned to opportunities to connect.

That’s availability in the hands of God.