He is already here

Sometimes in quiet desperation God can be found if we will just listen. The other day I missed the bus to downtown while I worked on pictures. In desperation, I obtained a map from the front desk at our hotel and in broken English was instructed how to find the CCE. I walked for 5 minutes only to discover I was one road off from the road I was supposed to be on. Panic set in as I could not communicate and the limited street signs did not match the off scale tourist map. “walk back to the hotel and try again I told myself.” Again I set out one block over and as I walked, now 20 minutes past our meet time, I began to listen to that still voice, “I am God, I am here and I have a plan”. Serving Slovakia, that is our mission. I had a nice 30 minute walk refocusing on His Plan and not my poor planning. He was already here. He was at the CCE. He was with me. His Holy Spirit comforted me and allowed me to see Slovakia, the people and not my desperation. He had a plan to get my attention. As the song goes, “He is God and I am not.” Serving Slovakia