Nothing more beautiful

Fingerprinting is dirty business. (So is washing feet.) The powder is like the black soot from a heavily smoking fire. Once you touch it or get it on you it seems like it’s everywhere, and on everything. With 4 to 5 students at 4 table clusters for 12 blocks of instruction in the same classroom….well, the powder was literally everywhere. The desks, the floors, the chairs, the walls, the light switches, the sink, the paper towel dispenser, door handle…you get the idea.

On the last day of instruction I met a Slovak Cinderella! Richard and I were making a feeble attempt at cleaning up after the last class- latex gloves, paper towels, and something like Windex in hand. As we scrubbed it was clear it would take much longer and many more hands to really do the job right.

Then she came into the room. Truly eager to help. She had a servant’s heart. She cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned and I am not exaggerating when I say she did the majority of the work in the room as Richard and I were often distracted by other teammates and things going on.

I kept telling her she did not have to stay or help. In her sweet, humble way she pleaded- but I want to help, please let me help, I am glad to help- I enjoy it.

I felt a bit rebuked, like the Lord scolding His disciples when they saw the woman “wasting” the perfume by washing His feet. I know the privilege of serving- the joy I experience from giving- and the joy from being blessed when someone serves me in a special way.

Rather than steal her blessing, I thanked her for having the heart of a servant, a heart like Jesus. I’m not sure I’ve seen a smile so big on a face before, watching as she truly enjoyed helping us. There’s nothing more beautiful.