When needs are met

I met Brenda two years ago on my first mission to Martin, Slovakia. She’s pretty much one of the most delightful humans I know. Warm, kind, inviting, and always excited to share her Slovakia experiences. She oozes love and serves selflessly in many capacities, one being friend. I met her equally wonderful husband Larry the following year. I count myself blessed to know him and share life with him from time to time.

Brenda is a little camera shy, but I can usually catch a few each trip. She often “scolds” me and tells me to stop, but I know she’s smiling as she hides her face. On Sunday mornings when we run across each other at church I tell her how many days until we depart on the next mission, and if I don’t she makes sure to ask. (I keep a countdown on my phone.)

The mission needs teachers, and with more and more students showing up, more teachers would meet that growing need. By God’s grace we squeezed 40 plus students and 7 table helpers into a couple of the classes where 20 or 25 would have been optimal.

Brenda is one of the classroom teachers; they are a critical piece of the Serving Slovakia mission. The mission requires teachers, and table helpers, and leaders, and much, much more. Prayer is also critical.

Each year as the classes end and the team says goodbye, many students eagerly inquire, “you come back next year??”. Even the ornery ones on the fringe who may not ask you themselves are listening for your answer. The love of Jesus is contagious like that. From what I hear the GO Team has reported similar experiences.

So please pray. Pray that the teachers, and leaders, and table helpers, and everyone God is calling to go to a foreign place and serve, respond. Pray that faith will triumph over doubt.

Pray that God will meet all of the mission’s needs, with His resources, thru loving channels, all to His great glory.

And if you see Kailee, or Lisa, or Lori, or Brenda- thank them for their service. Some people make a difference. These four and others before them have made all the difference.

About 363 days until we return to the mission field…..but who’s counting? 🙂