Tyler Chavers

The 2018 Serving Slovakia team will be launching soon!  For Father’s Day my wife surprised me with a stack of cards in envelopes, each dated June 20th thru July 8th, one for each day I will be away on this adventure.  (I was and still am very touched, love you honey!)  I got to open the first one this morning […]

Something amazing, I guess

Before leaving the States I had the pleasure of attending my nephew’s High School graduation. It was quite good. All of the speakers spoke of the graduate’s bright futures after a few years together preparing them for whatever lay ahead. Flash forward a few weeks and I’m half way around the world at the graduation for the first graduating senior […]

When Gramma cries

Over the past few years I’ve begun to see how the Lord weaves themes into my life. Today’s started at breakfast, only I didn’t know it was a theme yet, that happened much later in the day. Over breakfast Brenda shared a story about traveling to Estonia on a mission many years ago, and how an Estonian shopkeep was turned […]

Follow the $$….nope

One of the primary reasons for coming to Slovakia is to ‘be with’. Jesus did the same thing; one of His names, Emmanuel, literally means to be with. Be with who? The CCE staff, the students, and each other. Jesus sought out the quiet kid in the corner, not because He felt sorry for them but because He had compassion […]

When picking up road change- be with

Only eternity lasts forever, everything else has a beginning and an end. We enjoy a good movie, book, or TV series and wish the story would go on and on. We go on vacation and enjoy it so much we begin to dread the day we know we must head home. We meet an old friend for dinner and talk […]

Book ends

Fingerprinting is dirty business. (So is washing feet.) The powder is like the black soot from a heavily smoking fire. Once you touch it or get it on you it seems like it’s everywhere, and on everything. With 4 to 5 students at 4 table clusters for 12 blocks of instruction in the same classroom….well, the powder was literally everywhere. […]

Nothing more beautiful

I met Brenda two years ago on my first mission to Martin, Slovakia. She’s pretty much one of the most delightful humans I know. Warm, kind, inviting, and always excited to share her Slovakia experiences. She oozes love and serves selflessly in many capacities, one being friend. I met her equally wonderful husband Larry the following year. I count myself […]

When needs are met