Sometimes I get caught up in the “launch talk” and excitement about how many days or hours left before we begin Serving Slovakia 2019, but really it all began many months ago.  (In case you were wondering- only 23 hours, 35 minutes, and 53 seconds, but who’s counting :-).  The truth is many have been praying for this trip since last summer, and the prayers continue.

Prayers for the team members who will go, prayers for their friends and family who are sending them, prayers for the staff in Martin who will receive the team, prayers for the students, staff, and everyone else the team will come in contact with along the journey.  Prayers for God’s will and His way to work in the hearts and lives of all of us.  Pastor David’s sendoff prayers that God would do both something unique in us and through us for His glory.

While many have asked if we are prepared to go, I would say yes, but not because we are all packed up and all of our plans are perfect, and nothing uncomfortable, unusual, or unwanted will happen, or everything will be smooth – but because we are pre-prayered.

And not only because so many of God’s people are praying, but because of the One we pray to, the One who calls us to pray, Who hears our prays, and Who faithfully answers our prayers.  May our love for one another grow stronger as we love Him and He loves us.  May we share His love with everyone.

Thank you for helping us to be pre-prayered, and continuing to pray for all that God is doing thru Serving Slovakia!