Start of something new

June 22, 19

In life everyone goes through something new, whether it be a job, school, new relationships. we tend to have that mixture of excitement, fear, and the overall prospect of good things to come. I got that first hand as I stood at PDX looking around with a cloudy outlook on my time before we left, riddled with anxiety and the asinine fear of the airplane. As we went through security and spent some time apart before we boarded, a team-mate of mine told me, “it’s obvious that your nervous Josh”. Perhaps the tight grip on my passport and the combination of quietness and blank expression was an easy indicator – to even a child.

I was overwhelmed and as we sat on that plane and got in the air. All of my built up fear  was unleashed making for a not so stellar first flight. As we got off the plane in Newark, I just wanted to close my eyes and wake up in Martin, but no one packed a magic wand (tsa would have confiscated that, I know) So, I look to the only One who can help, God. I prayed and asked that He calm me and break the shackles of fear and anxiety, and use my teammates to be my beacon in times of stress.

I know that I have only begun this journey, however I can look and lean on my teammates and cast away the unwarranted fears of this world.