Getting Started for the reason we are here

Last year was my first year to join Serving Slovakia. By this time (Day 3) I was overwhelmed and feeling unsure as to why I had left the comfort of my routine life in Vancouver Washington to travel so far from home. The first day of teaching classes was met with computers that did not work, lesson plans that were off base and the feeling that all my prep was far less than needed. One of the team members (Gregg) walked with me to class and offered me sound advice, “come back next year cause all the small stuff you are worried about this year will be behind you and you can relax and just do what you are really here for.”

I have played those words over and over in my mind this past year. And you know what? Gregg was right. This year I am centered on God’s purpose, not my plans. I am excited to see Him move through our team and use us as He designed us and not how we planned and desiring to see now familiar faces of the Slovak people. Today is the first day of classes and we will stand before some of the friendliest faces eager to have fun with a bunch of crazy Americans who would get out of their comfort zones. As one of our team mates said pulling into Martin on Saturday, “Welcome Home.”

What an honor to be called by God for His purpose to minister to His people.