Slovakia June 26,🇸🇰

Blog #2 June, 26, 19
Simon Zingerman a fresh out of school author wrote this
“It’s ever so important to believe in what you do, trust your ability to create and show yourself worthy. Never sell yourself short”.
A lot of times in our society we dismiss our everyday good deeds as nothingness and try not to notice, but as one who has applied this for a lifetime it becomes a normality and as such a melancholy instead of a jubilance. I take compliments and praise as though they were transparent I know that it’s being spoken with real intent and emotion, however I don’t accept and acknowledge them and they become as dull as some the knives I ate with today. It’s very hard to accept love and care when praises are just words, rather than encouragement, thankfulness, and gratitude. I have enjoyed my time so far immensely, but a snake can wiggle even in the smallest of cracks. I constantly try to remind myself that compliments and praise are positives and embolden me to keep up the good work Gods gives to me. My group here are my brother and sisters in Christ and I am reminded how much they love me.