Where His Kingdom is

One of the questions I’ve often heard was answered for me today, “Why Slovakia?”. We do a daily devotional as a team. Right there, in the middle of today’s passage, were a couple of sentences:

‘The kingdom of God on Earth is wherever the Son of God is loved and worshipped and God the Father is glorified…” “…God rules first in our lives and then through us in the lives of others as we pray for them and minister (serve) to them.”. I’m not sure how much more ‘Serving Slovakia’ this could have been for me!

The Christian brothers and sisters we partner with in Slovakia love the Son of God and worship Him! We pray for them and serve them, as they pray for us and serve us. In this way Christ is glorified. In partnership with them we pray for the people of Slovakia and serve them in love. We pray they find the hope and joy in Jesus that we have found in Him!

The Kingdom of God is growing in Slovakia, all praise to Our Father!