Our Shared Hope

Bohdan took us on a tour of the buildings where the Bible School, preschool, gymnasium, dorms, and high school are congregated in the center of Martin.  From what I gather it all started with remodeling the building which became the Bible School.  In one wall there are large windows spanning two stories in the shape of a cross.  They have been painted or stained with something and tell the history of the church in Slovakia.

The verse which is repeated over and over in languages dating back to the BC era though modern day is John 8:32, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.  Indeed.  Where the truth is shared hope grows.  Where hope grows hearts and lives are changed.  Under communism in Slovakia the people were not free to worship, or share The Truth.  Some clung to their faith while many others lost hope.

Later, we visited a mining town and learned how the Reformation was brought to Slovakia by the foreign miners.  As we walked through the town that evening I noticed a traveling art exhibit on display.  The name of the exhibit, “Think Freedom” and the last line of the description caught my attention, “and is a powerful affirmation of our shared hope to live in freedom.”

Here, in a mining town in Slovakia, was an art exhibit traveling the world.  The artist was an American of Bosnian descent.  And the message, to affirm a hope that is shared by all- to live in freedom!  Bohdan finished his tour of the buildings thanking New Heights for our part in “sharing the truth which sets people free”.

Thank you for your continued prayers as the team serves to affirm the shared hope that all may live in His truth and freedom!