It’s so beautiful here in Martin, Slovakia! Since my body decided it was time to wake up, I went out for a sunrise jog. I’m captivated with the majesty of God’s creation here. And, the people of Slovakia are even more enchanting! I’m excited to see what new friends I’ll meet today that make their home in this hospitable city.

4:30 AM

While the heat and humidity rose to extreme highs today that even had the locals dashing for a shady spot to stand, Gregg and I accepted the offer for a tour in one of Slovakia’s 7,000 caves following today’s classes. We thought it sounded like a refreshing way to lower our body temperatures and spend time getting to know two […]

The Cave and the Children

One of our adventures today was a tour of Calvary of Banská Štiavnica, built from 1744-1751. It is an artistic depiction of the passion of Christ in 25 separate small chapels leading up and back on a steep hill. As I walked from chapel to chapel and viewed the storytelling artwork and  pondered Jesus’ life on earth, it stirred within […]

The Bird

This afternoon we had the privilege of touring the Strečno Castle. I’ve never been inside a castle, or even in the proximity of one. It felt like I was stepping right into the 14th through 17th centuries as soon as we entered through the massive wooden door. The castle was complete with a naturally refrigerated cellar that maintained a steady […]

Surprise in the Castle